Worship Service Times

ALOHA FELLOW BELIEVERS IN CHRIST!!! The following is our listing of worship service times and may include times for other regularly scheduled events and programs. Please note that worship service times may change during the holidays and summer months. Feel free to contact us for more information or check our news and events to view seasonal events. We look forward to worshiping with you and your family.

Worship-ServiceOur Worship Service Schedule

Worship Service

Sunday 7:30 AM 2nd-5th Sunday

Sunday 9:45 AM 1st Sunday
Sunday 10:45 AM 2nd-5th Sunday

Sunday School

Sunday 8:30 AM 1st Sunday
Sunday 9:00 AM 2nd-5th Sunday

New Members Class

Sunday 9:00AM

Pastor’s Power Lunch

Tuesday 12:00 PM Fellowship Hall or click on the image below




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Intercessory Prayer

Wednesday 6:00 PM Sanctuary
Praise and Testimony Service
Wednesday 6:30 PM Sanctuary

Bible Study

Wednesday 7:00 PM Sanctuary

Intercessory Prayer

Saturday 8:30 AM Sanctuary