Web Site Advertisement for Research

Web Site Advertisement for Research

Dear members,
I am a doctoral student of Education with a focus in Organizational Leadership at Argosy University Hawaii Campus. I am currently in the process of conducting research for my dissertation.
I am writing to tell you about my research on Task Team Social Bonding and Performance: A Phenomenological Inquiry of Task Team Members Social Bonding and the Impact on Performance. Teams are an integral part of a productive work force. Organizational leaders seek to employee individuals that bond socially and productively on teams. The research’s purpose is to provide a better understanding to the work force (leaders and followers) on how to build and maintain teams of high performance and output. This study will also become a platform for any future research.

Therefore, this research seeks to gather the valuable insight and experiences of those who meet the below eligibility requirements. Those who meet the requirements and volunteer to be a part of this research, will be asked to participate in two private face-to-face interview sessions (initial and final) located at Argosy University facility. The researcher will conduct the private interviews. Each interview will take about 45 minutes to 60 minutes for completion. The researcher will present the participant with 12 questions regarding their past or present social bonding experiences as a team member. Participants will then have the opportunity to verbally share their team bonding experience and provide personal insight for the research. The entire interview will be recorded to later assist the researcher with documenting the responses. The researcher regards all information gathered as private, confidential and have measures in place to ensure protection of participant information in accordance with privacy act procedures.

No personally identifiable information will be published that will link participant to the research. This means that the researcher will assign the participant a code as a means of protecting the participant’s private identity and information. At the end of the initial interview, the researcher and participant will discuss a second face to face meeting so that participant may review the final report prior to publication for full consent to use their responses. The participant and researcher will arrange a second interview to be conducted at the same location during a convenient date and time. The second interview will take about 45 minutes to 60 minutes of your time to review the draft of information collected. All safe guards used to protect collected data will be in place. This research has been evaluated to cause little to no risk of harm for participants.

Inclusion and Exclusion Questionnaire for Potential Participants

1. Are you a fluent English speaking adult between 25-75 years of age?
2. Do you have at least 3 to 10 years of work experience as a task team member?
3. Do you currently work and live here in Honolulu, Hawaii?
4. Do you possess enough skill and knowledge to be considered a professional?
5. Are you willing to provide some stories and experiences as part of this research?
6. Are you interested and willing to participate in the research?
7. Are you willing to have your voice recorded only to assist the interviewer in keeping an accurate record of the interview?

If you answered yes to the inclusion and exclusion questions and interested in participating in this research, you may contact the researcher Jessie Robinson at (808)-258-3413 or email: jlerobin@aol.com. for further details.

It is important to know that this announcement is not to tell you to join this study. It is your decision. Your participation is voluntary. Whether or not you participate in this study will have no effect on your employment, relationship, membership, activity, ministry in the church or other affiliations.