Singles Ministry


The overall mission of the Singles Ministry is to study, minister, and celebrate the good news of God with each other, the community and the world.

Mission – To provide opportunities for spiritual growth for our single and single again adults through, service, fellowship, support and encouragement.

Study God’s Word – We will study the Word, read related works, have discussions related to various topics thatare a part of who we are in Christ.

Minister – Identify and make use of our gifts so that others come to know Christ in their lives.  As the hands and feet of Jesus, we will seek ways to serve our church, our community, and our world.

Celebrate – As we learn and serve, we must take time to celebrate Him, to fellowship, to give thanks for what He does through us.

Our three main objectives will cause ongoing active progression by:

  • Daily/weekly we will study and read
  • Monthly we will minister, sometimes with another group in the church (i.e. feeding the hungry, meals on wheels, etc.)
  • Sometimes we will have special projects of our own with other churches and agencies
  • Quarterly we will celebrate by having some kind of fellowship event and taking stock of what we were able to do for the Lord

The Trinity Missionary Baptist Church Singles Ministry’s Purpose:

  • Live out our singleness in all its forms (widowed, divorced, and never married)
  • Grow in our relationship with the Lord
  • Use our gifts to bless others
  • Glorify God

Singles Ministry is NOT:

  • Another social club
  • A dating service
  • A rigid or fixed ministry.  It is spirit led.
  • A separate ministry from the rest of the church
  • A separate ministry from other singles ministries

We simply want to grow in our relationship with the Lord and for Him to use us in His work.

The Singles Ministry Welcomes You!  Join or renew Today!